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Application procedure

Good that you are considering to apply for one of our positions in this special company. We would like to tell you how the application process works in general.

  • Respond online
  • Selection for a first interview
  • First interview
  • Selection for a second interview
  • (possibly a visit to a gutroom, depends entirely on the function)
  • Choice of candidate
  • Working conditions interview
  • Congratulations!

Respond online
Through this website, you can make it known that you would like to be considered for one of our vacancies. You do this by submitting your CV and a short but clear motivation letter. We try to give a response within two weeks. Based on your CV and motivation letter, we determine whether to invite you for a first interview.

First interview and possibly second interview *
The process usually consists of two interviews, in which we try, if possible and desirable, to plan the first and second interview on one day.
The first interview usually takes place with your future manager and HR. The second interview takes place with a future direct colleague and a line manager from management.

Gutroom visit (for some functions)
Some functions require a visit to a gutroom. In the gutroom, you learn how we make sure that we ‘harvest’ bowel packages with such efficiency and high quality. So a strong stomach is desirable. For some functions, we consider it important that you are able to perform well in the gutroom and therefore we include this visit in our assessment.

Working conditions interview
Based on the two interviews (and possible visit to the gutroom) we determine which candidate we deem suitable for the position. A working conditions interview is subsequently conducted with this candidate by HR with a view to signing the contract. Once the signatures have been placed, you can soon start and we welcome you into the family of Van Hessen.

We hope that the process is clear and that you are still enthusiastic about the job. If so, we look forward to your response. And otherwise... thank you for your interest and maybe some other time.

* All this depends on any current Covid restrictions and the possibility of meeting each other live.

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