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Trainees around the world

Trainees around the world

The Van Hessen traineeship is one of a kind and provides in-company training in the specialisms of Van Hessen for new management-level employees. At this moment we have nine trainees in the training program. Here we would like to introduce them to you.


Marit Bos

Marit Bos – Netherlands
Start of traineeship: May 2020
Working in: Shanghai

At this moment I specialize in sheep casings. I have also collaborated on the introduction of the E-learning course “Casings University.” After this, I will go to Shanghai for twelve months to familiarize myself with the entire selection process. I enjoy the work because all doors are opened for me and I’m learning something new each day.


Bruno Rodrigues – Brazil
Start of traineeship: July 2020
Working in: Brazil

I spend a large part of my traineeship in the selection facility in Seara where I’m helping to improve selection processes. For this purpose, I visit various gutrooms. I’m really happy with this program because of the people and because I’m learning a lot of new things.

Rocío Sánchez – Spain
Start of traineeship: October 2019
Working in: Paraguay

As a General Management trainee, I helped set up a new selection plant in Paraguay. It is a challenging period in my life and I do this with enthusiasm and passion. It is an ideal opportunity to not only receive training in this discipline but also learn beautiful lessons for life.

Rocio Sanchez2

Isabela Kremer – Brazil
Start of traineeship: July 2020
Working in: Brazil and Paraguay

My current focus is the selection of hog casings in Paraguay where I try to apply my previous experiences. I’m learning a lot and have the opportunity to examine all the steps in the production process; from harvesting of casings to the filling of sausages, including all the machines that go with these processes.

Jan Mak

Jan Mark de Horn – The Netherlands
Start of traineeship: January 2020
Working in: Germany, Netherlands and the USA

After working in Sweden and Morocco for some time, I am now involved with the Gutroom Competence Center for a project in Spain and the USA. A beautiful challenge with a fantastic team.


Ekaterina Mikhailova – Russia
Start of traineeship: March 2020
Working in: Russia

My traineeship has a focus on hog casings. I have never experienced a traineeship like this or the willingness of people to share knowledge as I do now. In Russia, I have worked in all gutrooms with the aim of getting to know the entire production process and to be able to compare methods.

Jack Edward – Australia
Start of traineeship: July 2020
Working in: Australia

I’m increasingly active in the area of sales. When international travel resumes again, I will continue my training in the selection plants in China. Because everything in this industry is so complex – surprisingly sales as well – I have been able to learn so much.

Jack Edwards

Thomas Poels – Netherlands
Start of traineeship: March 2021
Working in: The Netherlands

At our main office, I’m learning a lot about our company. When international travel becomes possible again, I hope to travel to various locations around the world to better understand the production and selection process. The traineeship is a wonderful challenge that allows me to constantly learn new things.


Frans Wellink – Netherlands
Start of traineeship: January 2020
Working in: Northwestern Europe (NWE)

I just completed a project in which I helped set up a new gut room. Much is involved in making that become a reality. I am learning a lot from my team members and am grateful that they give me this responsibility.

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