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Trainee in Spain

We managed to get a hold of Rocío Sánchez, a trainee in Spain, to ask her a few questions. 

Is your experience with Van Hessen different from what you expected?

“Oh, absolutely,” laughs Rocío, “It was completely different in a positive sense. I expected a kind of paid internship in which I would be working in just one location. However, when I started with Van Hessen, very soon I found myself visiting other locations. I didn’t see that coming. It is quite a bit different from what you’d expect when you hear the word trainee whether in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter.
Van Hessen is challenging as you get to work at all organizational levels and get
asked to give your opinion.”

What do you do as a trainee?
“Every trainee develops knowledge and skills that are needed to
fulfill a key position in the organization. To get there, you need to know everything about products and processes. Besides, you learn by doing. From the big picture, you move to the smallest detail.
This past year I have been working primarily in the gutroom. It is a lively environment in which no day is the same.”

What is your experience with the Van Hessen culture?
“The culture is quite special actually. It’s all about relationships here. People help one another and share knowledge. They take the time for you and ask for your opinion from the beginning. They want you to be your best because in the end, that benefits the company. I cannot think of a better work environment.”

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