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From trainee to account manager

From trainee to account manager

At Van Hessen, we have been working for many years with a specially tailored traineeship for various components. There is not really a training programme where you can familiarise yourself with all aspects of the work in our own industry. That's why we developed the traineeship; and that's not an internship! Today, former trainee Ralph Reijntjes takes us along in his now completed traineeship at Van Hessen.

After my bachelor's in Asian Trade Management and Master's in International Business Strategy in Sweden, I was really looking for a management traineeship. A traineeship that would enable me to gain a great deal of knowledge and introduce me to many aspects of management. From different sides, both friends and colleagues from Rotterdam and Shanghai, I heard good stories about the Van Hessen management traineeship. For me it was an unknown market, but the business mentality, where actions speak louder than words and the international aspect ensured that I felt able to face this challenge. And I haven’t regretted that for a moment!

My traineeship took over a year (normally a traineeship takes approximately 18 months) and in those months I saw a lot of the world. For example, I lived for seven months in Beni Mellal/Marrakesh (Morocco) and visited China about five times for different training programmes. Because of the long time I spent in Morocco, my colleagues there have become real friends and I learned a lot about the country and culture. Your stay abroad soon teaches you to stand on your own two feet and the many responsibilities that you get enable you to develop well personally.  

What I like most about working at Van Hessen is that you have rapid growth potential, after 12 months a very good traineeship opportunity presented itself to me, which I could seize with both hands. This goes to show that if you really want something, you can achieve it and people are willing to support you with their input. 

There is always another fellow trainee with whom you can start a programme. So you are never ‘alone’ and you can do it together. Furthermore, the vision of Van Hessen and short lines appeals to me enormously. You really do see a direct result of the choices you make and the advice you give. They certainly listen to you as a trainee, they want to know why you have a particular opinion.  

Meanwhile, I finished my training a year ago, and I have developed from account manager Netherlands into account manager Scandinavia and the Baltic States. This is a beautiful role that I fulfil with much pleasure and passion and who knows what the future still has in store for me. 


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