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The traineeship at Van Hessen is special and ensures that we can train people internally for the specialist work at Van Hessen. You cannot learn our profession from a book, which is why you travel all over the world during your traineeship*. In this way you will become acquainted with the complete production lines and production processes of Van Hessen. These processes run from the gutrooms (separate rooms in or directly next to a slaughterhouse) to the selection plants and from purchasing to sales. As a trainee you really get to know Van Hessen inside and out and that knowledge is necessary to make a career within the Van Hessen group! 

We are always looking for new trainees who would like to participate in our specially developed program. Examples of traineeships within Van Hessen

Management traineeship (Bachelor/Master)
In this traineeship you will travel around the world for about 18 months, you will learn everything about the production line and production processes and you will become acquainted with the different management areas. The goal: to develop into a key position within Van Hessen.

Trainee Productspecialist (sourcing) MBO-4/bachelor)
In this traineeship you will learn everything about our product, our procedures & processes. Your future? As a Product Specialist you are our indispensable advisor in the field of product specifications, processes and procedures.

Trainee Productspecialist (sorting) (HBO)
In this traineeship you will travel all over the world to different production environments in order to focus on the optimal product and the best processes. The goal: with your innovative product solutions and process improvements, Van Hessen is always ready for (un)expected changes in the market.

While you will be deployed in many different countries during this challenging and unique period of one to two years, you will never be alone and will be guided and supported by a tutor and mentor. So that you can get the best out of yourself in your development process.

JSoon you will travel to different locations around the world to learn and understand our production processes. You will visit slaughterhouses, our subsidiaries and companies from the meat processing industry and of course our customers.

During the traineeship you will increasingly specialize and take on projects independently. You are given more and more responsibilities and you are prepared for the unique work at Van Hessen.

Subject to the Corona restrictions. We continuously monitor the possibilities within the current situation and adjust where necessary.


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